Herbs & Love

Herbs & Love

Posted by TriLight Health on Feb 13th 2019

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re taking a look at herbs and love. No, we’re not just talking aphrodisiac herbs here. For centuries, different herbs have been associated with love. Whether these are just lore, or there’s something to it- we’ll let you decide. For now, we how you’ll enjoy taking a peek at herbs connected to love.


  • Used to be given to a groom to boost fertility…
  • … and brides carried some in their bouquet!
  • Believed to help bring couples closer together and strengthen love
  • A common aphrodisiac


  • Believed to attract love
  • (bonus) Excellent for digestion, a great option to follow up a rich romantic dinner to keep stomachs digesting well and happy


  • Commonly used as a mouthwash and to cleanse the mouth for more kissable breath
  • Used to be burned as incense in love affairs
  • Said to relieve loneliness
  • Placed in “love sachets”


  • A warming herb for both genders
  • Said to help with intimacy


  • Said to attract men, ensure fidelity, and bring passion
  • Aids in relaxation
  • Believed to open the heart
  • Used to be used to help with marital problems
  • Commonly associated as a romantic scent
  • Often added to bath water, lotions, massage oil, and candles


  • Helps clean the mouth and freshen breath
  • Traditionally used for female hormones and libido


  • A common symbol of love in Italy
  • If gifted to a woman, believed to make her fall in love
  • Heart-shape leaves represent love