Understanding Herbal Preparations- Lozenge

Understanding Herbal Preparations- Lozenge

Posted by TriLight Health on May 12th 2022

Herbs have long been used in candy and lozenge form. They’re a delicious way to make herbal medicine. Lozenges are also a way to consume herbs that might not taste so good in other preparations! Herbal lozenges and candy have been documented use worldwide for centuries. Another advantage of this type of preparation is an extended shelf-life compared to something like a syrup or an infusion

What is an herbal lozenge/ candy?

The most commonly known form is a cough drop. However, these are also made as a tasty treat. Herbal lollipops are another option for a unique way to use herbs!

How is it used?

These are used medicinally for coughs, nausea, motion sickness, sore throat, and many other uses. For culinary purposes, they’re simply enjoyed as a treat! The lozenge/ candy is best when allowed to slowly melt in the mouth vs chewing. Many people like to put their lozenge in between their cheek and molars or under their tongue.

How is it made?

Note- Strongly flavored herbs will quickly overpower lozenges. It’s best to find a recipe to follow for the herbs you hope to use/ medicinal purpose you desire.

There are many different ways to prepare an herbal lozenge and herbal candy.

One method is the same method of typical candy preparation. This begins in a similar way to herbal syrup. A candy thermometer is then used to heat the mixture to the proper temperature. The final product is then poured into molds to harden. This results in a hard candy. Lollipops can be made in this way as well.

Another method is mixing ground/powdered herbs with honey, syrup, dates, etc. (Sometimes cocoa powder or nuts/seeds are also added). Usually, a fat like coconut oil is also included. This mixture is made into little balls resulting in a softer candy. Again, the exact method will vary based on what you’re making. This is a method or preparation that can be tinkered with quite a lot as well!

What herbs are commonly used?

Most commonly found are horehound and cherry bark. Almost any herb can be used. Here are a few others you’re likely to see-

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