FAQ: Who is Medicine Bear?

FAQ: Who is Medicine Bear?

Posted by TriLight Health on Sep 26th 2023

Q-Who is Medicine Bear?

A-  Medicine Bear was a mentor of TriLight's founder, Lyle Bennet. He was a 7th Generation Cherokee Herbalist whose name was  D. Walt Burchett. He graciously helped us formulate several of our products. These products were based on traditional Cherokee medicine formulas with centuries of use. He was passionate about herbal medicine and loved to share his knowledge with others. 

We are grateful to his assistance in formulating the following products:

Female Formula - Herbal Remedy for Painful Cramps & Menstrual Cycle Problems
Peace Treaty - ADD / ADHD Alternative Herbal Calming Medicine
Scout Out - Natural Antibiotic - Cold, Flu, Ear Aches
Tummy Plus - Stomach Problems
White Willow & Feverfew - Headache and Migraine Herbal Remedy
Worm Out - Parasite Cleanse - Anti-parasitic, Anti-fungal

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