Parasite Cleanse FAQ


Is it safe to take Worm Out while nursing?

Many customers have done the parasite cleanse while nursing, however the one thing to pay attention to is that it could change the taste of the milk for the infant. It’s best to take it about half an hour to an hour before nursing. Introduce Worm Out in small amounts to your body and build up and see how baby adapts to taste. Most customers haven’t had any issues, however you'll probably know pretty soon after taking and you can discontinue the use if the baby doesn't like it.


Can I take Worm Out while pregnant?

Worm Out is not recommended during pregnancy. We can only recommend products in our Pregnancy section during pregnancy.

Is Worm Out safe for infants?

We do not recommend Worm Out for anyone under 25 lbs., however if the infant is still nursing, you can introduce it to them that way.

Do I need to take Garlic after the first 10 days? 

For maximum results you want to take the garlic for about 7 to 10 days before you start your first 10 days of the Worm Out. However, it is recommended to take the garlic again after the first 10 days of Worm Out before you start your second 10 days cycle of the Worm Out.


What if my child can't swallow the Garlic capsules?

Many customers have found it effective to break apart the capsules and add the odorless garlic powder to the child's food. An easy way would be to add it to soup broth, such as vegetable soup.


Do I really need to stay off Sugar?

Parasites feed off of sugar, so it is very important to avoid sugary foods during the cleanse, however if you need something sweet, honey is a good replacement for sugar during your parasite cleanse.


Does Worm Out need to be taken with food?

If you do not have stomoch sensitivities, Worm Out can be taken on an empty stomach. However, if you have a sensitive stomach, it's best to take Worm Out with your meal, or about 30 minutes after eating.

Do I have to take Worm Out 3 times a day?

Ideally, 3 times in a day is best, however there have been customers who have had success taking it less.