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Parasites refer to organisms and worms that invade and feed off host organisms, often causing harm. Though most believe it is only a problem in 3rd world countries, evidence shows contamination occurs not only through unsanitary conditions, inadequately cooked meats and animal contact, but also through air, water, fruits, vegetables and soil. They can deplete the body of essential nutrients, taxing the immune system and contribute to a variety of illnesses and diseases.

- In “A Cure For All Cancers,” by Dr. Hulda R. Clark, she believes that by getting rid of parasites, cancer can be stopped and tissue will return to a normal state.


- Pinworms, the most common parasitic infection in North America, can be contracted by handling pets, wearing clothes or sleeping in the bed of an infected person, or through an infected food handler.

Symptoms include depressionanorexia and insomnia. Complications occur more often in women, as the worms have been found in the vagina, uterus and fallopian tubes. 

 - The female roundworm can produce up to 200,000 eggs daily, causing an infected person to carry hundreds, perhaps thousands of roundworm in the body. Roundworms have been linked to anorexia.

- Microscopic parasites can get into joints and eat the calcium linings of the bone, causing painful arthritis.


 - Tiny parasites can eat the myelin sheath on the nerves and cause disruption of nerve signals from the brain.

- Candida albicans is a yeast or fungus type organism that under normal conditions is present on inner and outer body surfaces.  But as an opportunistic organism, it takes advantage of any weakness in our system. Feeding off sugars, the rapid overgrowth has been found to affect the body system in many adverse ways. As yeast multiplies, it produces toxic waste which circulates in the body and further weakens the immune and systems. Candida overgrowth has been linked to food allergies, digestive disorders, skin rashes, PMS, chronic constipation, headaches, poor memory, mental fogginess, loss of sex drive and chronic vaginitis.

"I started this to clean out any bugs before beginning candida treatment and it made me feel better right away. I will definately use it again in the future."

- Nailah Quintana

Some  Symptoms  of  Parasitic  Infestation:  • itchy ears, nose, anus  • bed wetting  • forgetfulness  • slow reflexes  • gas and bloating  • foggy thinking • loss of appetite • yeintestinal-parasites.jpgllow skin  • fast heartbeat  • heart pain  • pain in the navel  • eating too much but still feeling hungry  • pain in the back, thighs, shoulders  • lethargy  • numb hands  • burning sensation in the stomach  • female menstrual problems  • drooling while asleep • grinding teeth while asleep

Medicine Bear, a seventh generation Cherokee Herbalist, who created the Worm Out parasite cleanse program, taught the necessity of periodic parasite cleanses. 

"My stomach hurt for several months before I started taking Worm Out. It has helped a lot. I am glad to have found an effective antiparasitic product without senna. My son swears by it for intestinal troubles. Also, I use it about once a month for four days as "maintenance" for relief of arthritis symptoms."

- Catherine P.

TriLight Health founder Lyle Bennett explains that only in recent history has mankind been exposed to such high concentrations of sugars and refined foods making the body a nesting ground for parasites. He uses the analogy of our body as a comfortable home where the visitors are fed sweets and snacks. The visitors take this as a signal to make our body a nesting ground.

By introducing to our unwanted guests bitters and herbs with a restricted diet for the parasite cleansing period we can signal them to leave without having to use antibiotics which harm the host.


We are scrupulous about outward cleanliness, yet neglect the inner cleansings needed to maintain optimum or even normal healthy conditions. It is a difficult subject to approach but a health foundational truth we can no longer ignore.

"I have used this on and off since the start of the year and I feel much better. My GI system certainly works better."

- Laura


How do I do a parasite cleanse?
We make it Simple, Safe and Effective!



3-Step Parasite Cleanse

1 - WEAKEN or neutralize parasites so they will release their hold in the body. We recommend using raw garlic and/or Garlic Capsules (3 daily with meals). This step usually takes a good week to 10 days before moving to the next step. Eat cleansing foods to get or keep the bowels moving.

2 - FLUSH parasites and their toxins from the body with our
Worm Out formula. Begin with 10 days on, then 10 days off, then 10 days on again. Suggested Use: 1/2 teaspoon (per 25 lbs. body weight) straight or in water every 3 hours. For maximum results, it is important to have enough Worm Out for the entire cleanse(See dosage chart to determine how much you will need). Continue to drink enough water and eat cleansing foods to keep the bowels moving. Cleansing the colon at this time is imperative to prevent the body from becoming overloaded with toxins from parasite die-off.

3 - STRENGTHEN and balance body organs and systems with a variety of whole foods, nutrients and probiotics. We recommend using
NOW Gr8-Dophilus Probiotics. Herbs that help cleanse the blood are also recommended. This step is important after flushing with Worm Out and helps prevent re-infestation.

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Helpful Tips:

* EAT LIGHTLY Choose more veggies, salads, leafy greens and cleansing foods, including pumpkin seeds and/or dried figs. Avoid high sugar fruit at this time.
* ELIMINATE JUNK FOOD Especially avoid sugary, greasy or refined food.

* DRINK PLENTY OF WATER – Imperative to keep the system flushing out toxins.

* BE PATIENT and PERSISTENT – Make sure you have enough
Worm Out formula to stay with the parasite cleanse until results occur or symptoms abate. Consult your Health Care Practitioner as necessary.  


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