Ways To Save Money

Ways to $ave with TriLight Health

There are 7 Ways to $ave Money
that you Need to know about.


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The more you spend, the More you $ave!


Volume Discounts:

5% off any order over $100. Use code FiveOff
10% off if it's over $200. Use code TenOff


$ave with our Wellness Kits!

Wellness Kits are significantly discounted, especially compared to buying each product individually.


$ave Money with the Rewards Points Program!

Earn Rewards Points for your product purchases.
 Earn $25 product credit for 
referring your friends!

The Bigger the Bottle, the Bigger the $avings!

Cost Per Ounce Bottle Comparison:
 2 oz at $12.95 is: $6.47 per ounce
 8 oz at $39.95 is: $4.99 per ounce
32 oz at $119.95 is:
$3.75 per ounce!

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You can find incredible deals on overstocked and discontinuing products.