Back-to-School Immune Building and Support

Back-to-School Immune Building and Support

Posted by TriLight Health on Aug 3rd 2019

Across the country, students are returning to school for a new school year. Back-to-school also means the start of cold & flu season.  Every year it's the same drill.  Send the kids back to school.  Not even a month to school, keep the kids home sick.  Or deal with a sick toddler from something big brother or sister brought home from school.  These things seem to spread like wildfire from year-to-year as soon as school starts back up again.

Building a healthy immune system is always beneficial, especially this time of year.  If our immune systems are at their top before they're exposed to something, we're less likely to get sick.  Building a strong immune system is easy and may make a huge difference this back-to-school season.  Here are tips for the entire family this season. 

Tips for Back-To-School Immune Building:

  • Hydrate 
    • Water helps flush toxins from the body and helps ensure all cells work properly.  Make sure the kids have a good reusable water bottle and are staying hydrated throughout the day.
  • Sunshine
    • Vitamin D levels start to plummet as we spend more time indoors.  Get as much sunshine as possible to keep the levels up.  Plus sunshine is good for our mental health too!
  • Nourishing Foods
    • Bone broth, high-quality pasture-raised meat, grass-fed dairy, leafy greens and plenty of veggies.  Sugar, processed foods, and refined grains lower the immune system.
  • Vitamin C
    • Citrus, broccoli, bell peppers, and rose hips are all excellent sources of Vitamin C.
  • Good hygiene 
    • Proper hand washing is important.  Showering or bathing after school may also be helpful for some children.  Removing germs from the clothing and body can help prevent those germs from coming into the home on surfaces quite as much.
  • Sleep
    • Getting enough sleep is crucial to supporting a strong immune system.  Support good sleep habits by turning off screens at least two hours before bed and providing a relaxing environment for getting ready for bed. 
  • Exercise
    • The general recommendation is at least 30 minutes a day of exercise.  Head out with the family over the weekend for a nice hike or walk to get exercise and sunshine! 
  • Herbal Support
    • Herbs have been used for centuries to support a healthy immune system.  They're an excellent addition during back-to-school and cold & flu season.

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