FAQ: How do I decide which formula to use?

FAQ: How do I decide which formula to use?

Posted by TriLight Health on Jan 28th 2023

Q- How do I decide which formula to use?

A- When you're sick sometimes the last thing you want to do is have to make a decision. We hope this will offer a few tips for ways you can decide which formula to use.

First a quick note- It is against the law for us to prescribe and make medical claims about our products. We even have to be careful because of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations which allow us to make body structure and/or function support statements. The dietary supplement industry is regulated by the FDA. We do care about the quality of our product and our customers. That is why we follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) keeping logs on all our processing and procedures and suppliers, have inspections, have liability insurance and run this company the best we possibly can for you.

The first place to look when choosing a formula is the categories on our website. These are narrowed down by health concern. 

Educating yourself about herbal usage will help you exercise your rights to self prescribe and take care of your family. There are many good books, classes, and podcasts out in the market place right now. Our blog 
also provides general information about each herb. Lots of our customers find they like to read the reviews to help determine what formulas to use. This gives them a chance to find TriLight users who have tried products for the same thing you're looking for! 

We appreciate your understanding when we're not able to tell you outright which formula(s) to choose.