FAQ- I'm looking for a chemical breakdown of your formulas so I can analyze the quality of the product.

FAQ- I'm looking for a chemical breakdown of your formulas so I can analyze the quality of the product.

Posted by TriLight Health on Feb 25th 2021

Q- I'm looking for a chemical breakdown of your formulas so I can analyze the quality of the product. Can you send that to me?

Our formulas work without side effects because they are food. They are not isolated synthetic vitamins or drugs, which I will explain later. For food to feed the body all the nutrients need to be available. So we do not break out nutrients and then add them back as single ingredients because we do not use processed single isolated vitamins.

We do live in a world of celebrity endorsements to ensure product quality. Here at TriLight Health we are proud to have Moms as our standard of quality. The products work but it is fair to ask why. 

Let's review some of the product qualities that we value here at TriLight Health.

Perhaps first we should say we are NOT trying to be or want to be like Big Pharma. We do not try to have pharmaceutical concentrated doses or have any discoveries in synthetically reproducing nature in the laboratory. We don't even try to have controlled clinical studies. 

Ours is the world of Moms with kids with dirty hands with germs but a house full of love. We test our products under the worst of conditions with the best Moms. We don't have NEW scientific medicines (where the time spent reading the side effects is longer than the one line benefits). Ours is a world of "same old" formulas for over 25 years, yet it is not a boring world for us. 

Making quality formulas takes focus and dedication to what works not a focus on only profit. You will see labels and caps change as we strive to control overhead but the long painstaking 3 stage method preserves the whole food aspects of the herbs. The process has preserved the live enzymes to help break down the formula in your body-not stress it even more in a time of needing to heal.

Let me explain what I mean. If you study biochemistry you learn that vitamins do not exist as single autonomous acting components that are able to act on their own. Vitamins are made up of several different components – enzymes, co-enzymes, and co-factors– that must work together to produce their intended biologic effects. 

Let's take an example of vitamin C that needs the mineral copper to be effective, while vitamin E works closely with the mineral selenium to provide its health promoting, anti-oxidative effect, calcium needs magnesium. Plants/Nature already does this and certain herbs have different amounts of these in a form your body can break down and use. Just as a Chef combines for taste, a Master Herbalist combines for effect.

So if I give you a breakdown and list of how many ml of vitamins are in that bottle it is because I have tested each separate batch (which would be EXTREMELY costly) or 95% of the time it is isolated single synthetic minerals that are cheaply produced and can be standardized. Food is not "standardized" potency.  We will talk more about this in upcoming posts.

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