FAQs- Using Worm Out Herbal Parasite Cleanse With Kids

FAQs- Using Worm Out Herbal Parasite Cleanse With Kids

Posted by TriLight Health on Jan 30th 2020

We've answered your questions about Worm Out during pregnancy, breastfeeding and for infants.  Today let's look at a few questions about Worm Out- herbal parasite cleanse for kids.

Q- If they are eating cleansing foods, will they have the discomfort/reactions that people describe when doing parasite cleanses? They are 8 and 5 and I want to avoid that.

A- We haven't heard of many children having those issues during the cleanse, however everyone is different, so just keep an eye on them because you never know.

Q- My son is in school, can I give the Worm Out less times during the day? Like 3 or 4 times a day? Or is it not going to be effective?

A- 3 - 4 times per day should be just fine. Just make sure to be consistent with it. 

Q- How much to give 2 kids, weighing averaged 50 pounds each? How many ounces? Sorry, math is not my thing.

A- At 50 lbs. they would each need 1 tsp per dose. If they're doing it, let's say, 4 times a day, that would be 4 tsps each (or 8 tsp total). You would need this for 10 days on, then another 10 days at the conclusion of the cleanse. This would mean they would need 80 tsp for the first 10 days and another 80 tsp for the last. 160 tsp is the equivalent to 30oz. That means a 32 oz bottle should do the trick for both of them.

Q-  Not sure my kids can go without cereal or warm pancakes in the morning. And can I use applesauces, pureed fruit, etc, honey or pure maple syrup, etc in place of sugars for recipes? Or would that be as bad as regular sugar?

A- Do your best to stay away from most sugars if you can because this is what feeds parasites. Apple sauce and pureed fruit would probably be better than the honey and maple, but try to use them sparingly if you can :) We know it's tough, but it's well worth it!  Staying away from sugar and dairy is best during this cleanse. 

Q- Is the flavor really unpleasant? Any hints on helping kids take it?

A- Most children love the flavor. In fact, we've had kids ask for more and ask for it once the cleanse is over!  If needed, you can add it to water to dilute the flavor a bit.  Or put it in water and allow your child to sip on it. 

Let us know if you have other questions about Worm Out!