FAQs- Your questions about herb dosing and use

FAQs- Your questions about herb dosing and use

Posted by TriLight Health on Jul 22nd 2020

Your questions about herb dosing and use

Q: Can I combine several products at the same time?

A: Try to make sure they have some coordinated effect. You would not want to take a laxative and anti-diarrhea formula at the same time! For best effect give each formula a chance to work by giving it 30 minutes in the body before starting the next one.

Q-At what age can your children's formulas be administered to children?

A- We recommend 25 lbs. or more, which is usually a little after 1 years old. You need to be careful when it comes to infants, so anyone under 25 lbs. is up to your own discretion.

Q: When do we take most herbs?

A: Most herbs medicinals work best on an empty stomach unless otherwise so noted. If you have a sensitive stomach its best to take them after meals.

Q: What about dosages for children?

A: We have developed a chart by weight to be a general guide. Check each product listing for more information.

Q: How do I take the herbs, in water or directly in the mouth?

A:Children usually prefer to take drops directly in the mouth or in juice. Adults usually like to put the extract in the bottom of the cup, add water and drink. In fact, minerals are absorbed better if taken in small amounts over a longer period of time in absence of fiber in the digestive system. So drinking the extract in water about 45 minutes after and until the next meal is ideal.

Q: What about infants taking herbs?

A: We do not recommend it. If possible have the nursing mother take the adult dose about half an hour before nursing. Yet if you decide to self prescribe, start with 1 drop per pound, starting at one drop and working up to a full dosage over several days. Watch for rashes, or other usual signs. Remember infants can't give you feedback about what is happening and their digestive tracts are not fully developed. We do not yet know what allergies and sensitivities they may have individually. What is safe for a friend's infant may not be safe for your baby. Please consult a health care practitioner before using the herbs.