Understanding Herbal Use: Chinese Medicine

Understanding Herbal Use: Chinese Medicine

Posted by TriLight Health on Sep 5th 2023

Today we are excited to introduce a new series. We're going to spend the next few months looking at different providers who work with herbs. It can be overwhelming to navigate options when choosing a healthcare provider. We hope this will help you understand folks who work with herbs and their approaches. 

What is Chinese Medicine?

Chinese Medicine is one of the oldest forms of medicine still in practice. It dates back thousands of years and has a rich history. As the name suggests, Chinese medicine is based in Asia. The main focus is to balance the body's Qi, or life-force. It includes approaches such as acupuncture, cupping, tai chi, qigong, and specific herbal blends. 

How do they use herbs?

There are herbs specific to Chinese Medicine as well as unique formulas. TCM practioners will also use herbs we're more familiar with like astragalus. Herbs are taken internally, used topically, and burned near the body.  Chinese Medicine likes to use teas. Patients may sip a tea through the day or use different blends at different times. As with Western herbalists, you'll find herbs used in a wide variety of preparations.  The warming/cooling aspect of an herb is considered as well as the overall impact on one's unique Qi. 

How does a Chinese Medicine practioner work?

A thorough intake will be held. This might include: temperature, skin assessments, movement, muscle testing, assessing organs and even a look at your tongue. The practioner will come up with a treatment plan for you. They may consult with your primary care provider in the process. The treatment plan will likely involve a combination of body work, herbs, and exercises for you to work on at home. 

What TriLight formulas are Chinese Medicine based?

We worked with Chinese Medicine providers to formulate the following products-

N R G - Caffeine and Sugar Free Energy Booster
B-DRY - Bedwetting and Urinary Incontinence
ALRG - Allergy Natural Herbal Remedy

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