FAQ- Allergy concerns when taking herbs

FAQ- Allergy concerns when taking herbs

Posted by TriLight Health on Mar 21st 2024

Below are several questions regarding allergy concerns with herbs. Please reach out if you have other questions or concerns! 

Q: If I have food allergies or digestive problems, or an overly sensitive stomach, how do I approach medicinal herbal level intake?

A: You need to start out at a very low dose of medicinal herbs and then gradually build up to a normal dose. You can also take herbs after meals.

Some people have allergic reactions just as they do with certain foods but this doesn't mean all food is bad for you! Educating yourself, and used in moderation and according to manufacturer's recommendations they can be a very safe alternative to drugs with the common toxic side-effects. Some things to keep in mind are they are not a concentrate or drug so effects can take longer. Normally improvement for an acute symptom is seen with a few days with chronic problems taking longer. A rule of thumb is one month of healing for every year of the problem. If you do not see some kind of result within these guidelines one should consider switching to another formula. It is not uncommon to adjust the dosage and herbs needed for each individuals needs. Use herbs only as needed and reduce consumption as problem improves and discontinue use when well.

Q: What is an adequate dose or consumption?

A: Once it has been established that the safety and nontoxity of that formula for you as an individual (no allergies or rare effects that you might personally might have vs. another person), then take more for an acute condition. It is not unusual for herbs to be taken every few hours for an acute condition or chronic conditions. Remember to use common sense and if any side effects develop reduce or discontinue use as per instructions on each formula.

Q: Are your formulas appropriate for nursing mother's?

We have a section that is specifically considered pregnancy safe here. As with anything, please check with your doctor if you have any other concerns or are taking another medication. As long as you use the formulas about half an hour before nursing with their recommended dosages you can use them while nursing. However, like I said before, just be aware that the taste of the milk for the baby could be affected. And watch for rashes due to allergies. If so discontinue use. You can also introduce it to yourself in smaller dosages at first and increase over time. For example, start 1/8th of the dosage and then increase from there, so the baby has a change to adjust to the taste.

Q: What about side effects from Herbs?

A: Herbs are not known to cause side effects like found in the pharmaceutical industry. It is possible to have an allergic reaction to any new food or substance but normally herbs have effects. You would expect herbs to stimulate secretions or act as a mild laxative but this is the herb working, not a side effect.

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