ALRG- Our March Special of the Month!

ALRG- Our March Special of the Month!

Posted by TriLight Health on Mar 14th 2024

ALRG is a must have for many TriLight families in the Spring and Fall. We've made it our March Special of the Month to make it available to you at a lower cost. This formula was created by Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor, Ping Qi Kang. It is based on allergy support formulas used in Asian medicine for centuries. Our customers have reported incredible results with this formula over the years. Learn more about it in this blog post. 

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What is in ALRG?

Rehmannia is valued in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for liver support. Allergies are believed by some to be rooted in liver imbalance
Organic Astragalus Root is a high antioxidant herb that is supportive for the immune system. 
Xanthium a TCM herb traditionally used for allergies and to open nasal passages. 
Centipede Herb is another TCM herb often associated with the liver.
Siler Root, also known as Fang Fen, resembles astragalus root and is often used alongside it for immune support. 
Organic Skullcap Root is most commonly used by herbalists for nervous system and nutrient support. 
Capillaris belongs to the wormwood family and has a wide variety of uses in TCM including immune and liver support.
Angelica's scientific name is Angelica archangelica, due to lore it is such a healing plant it needed "archangel" included in its name.  
Jujube fruit resembles the date. It is extremely high in vitamin C, zinc, amino acids, and other nutrients. TCM doctors also use it to balance out herbal formulas. 
Organic Licorice Root acts on almost every system on the body. As an adaptogen herb, licorice helps the body find equilibrium 
Spirodela Leaves come from a fascinating plant that's one of the fastest growing in the world. TCM practioners traditionally use it for bladder and lung support. 

These herbs are mixed in our base of Kosher Vegetable Glycerine and Reverse Osmosis Water.

How do other customers use ALRG?

Here are a few things our customers have had to say about how they've used ALRG-

  • "I use this product for my sons asthmatic cough and it has been the only thing I’ve found that actually helps." ~KM
  • Dust and dander allergies
  • "I have also taken ALRG for a sudden allergic reaction, and was amazed at how quicky it helped to stall my body's response to the allergen." ~Dixie
  • Hay fever
  • "My son has asthma and we use this to help with frequent respiratory infections." ~Jennifer
  • Mold allergies
  • "It is just as, if not more, effective than Zyrtec. We are very thankful for ALRG!" ~Jinny
  • Seasonal allergies

Our suggested dosage- 1/4 teaspoon (per 25 lbs. body weight) straight or in water, every 3 hours as needed. Allow 2 hours before taking any other medication. Please consult your health care practitioner before using. ALRG formula may be used daily as a preventative one month in advance of allergy season.*

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