FAQ:  Is Worm Out ok for infants?

FAQ: Is Worm Out ok for infants?

Posted by TriLight Health on Nov 19th 2022

Q- Is Worm Out ok for infants?

We do not recommend Worm Out for anyone under 25 lbs., however if the infant is still nursing, you can introduce it to them that way. 

Many customers have done the parasite cleanse while nursing, however the one thing to pay attention to is that it could change the taste of the milk for the infant. It’s best to take it about half an hour to an hour before nursing. Introduce Worm Out in small amounts to your body and build up and see how baby adapts to taste. Most customers haven’t had any issues, however you'll probably know pretty soon after taking and you can discontinue the use if the baby doesn't like it.

Worm Out is 10% off all November 2022 long along with our other Catnip formulas. 

It comes with our Worry Free Guarantee so if it does not work for you, no worries- return it for a refund or replacement! 

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