FAQ- Minerals from plants

FAQ- Minerals from plants

Posted by TriLight Health on Sep 23rd 2021

Q- Why do minerals from plants make a difference?

For us here at Trilight Health we have to ask ourselves if historical safe usage is a bad thing as compared to a new product to the market that has scientific evidence to prove it's safety. Plus I would add that not all herbal processes are the same and having over 25 years of the same process, same methods, consistency offers many benefits.

We are not soil eaters—we are plant eaters. It is necessary the minerals in the soil be converted into organic compounds by the plant before they can be assimilated by the body. Otherwise, the body has to work much harder to digest and attempt to assimilate these vitamins and minerals.

Because almost all mineral supplements on the market are inorganic, the body cannot assimilate or use them in the same way as minerals from plants. In fact, the body must work harder to compensate for the inbalance created by ingesting these supplements. The body accelerates its eliminative activities and works hard to expel these foreign substances. This stimulation is often mistaken for the "beneficial action" of the supplement in removing toxins. Actually, the supplements are not beneficial—they are harmful—and they are inanimate and therefore incapable of acting (except chemically).

As health consumers have grown more aware of the differences between organic and inorganic minerals, so have producers of these supplements. Consequently, there are now mineral supplements which are advertised as coming from "organic" sources. Just because a tree that was organic a million years ago and you crush that rock into a powder doesn't make it organic, it's still dirt and needs to be changed by a plant into an organic mineral for us to utilize it properly.

Minerals do not work in isolation.
When minerals are extracted from their natural sources, the other co-existing vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc., are not also extracted. Even if they were, the process of laboratory extraction destroys any vital benefits that may have been associated with the minerals. That is why a plant has almost all of the minerals in combination with it but in different amounts. That is why some herbs are used for calcium others for iron as the amounts of minerals are different in different plants.

Trilight makes extreme efforts in step two to heat at temperatures below 120 degrees F to not only preserve the organic minerals but to preserve the enzymes to help utilize them. These enzymes are vital for the body to utilize them without stressing the organs even further. Especially important during illness.

Trilight has over 25 years of offering formulas like Original Herbal Minerals for Pregnant and Nursing Moms and for children who need a blend of Minerals that are effective and "good for you". 

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