FAQ- What are the top formulas for summer?

FAQ- What are the top formulas for summer?

Posted by TriLight Health on Jun 20th 2024

Q- What are the top formulas for summer?

A- We are not doctors and cannot prescribe specific formulas for specific healthcare concerns. We can, however, share our most popular formulas during the summer. Hopefully this will help you have an idea of what other TriLight families like to have on hand this time of year.

Blue Green Minerals and Original Herbal Minerals are delicious, easy to to take herbal multivitamins. Some families make these into popsicles in the summer or add to lemonade. 

Soothing Salve is a must-have for many families over the summer. It can be used on cuts, bites, scrapes, rashes, and other skin issues that are common this time of year. 

N R G, our caffeine and sugar-free herbal energy booster is a product many parents have told us they can't get through the summer without! Summer days can be long and this provides sustained energy without the jitters or addictive properties of other options.

Tummy Plus is popular for customers traveling over the summer. Sometimes travel can upset our stomachs and this is a formula that's gentle enough for the entire family. 

Snooze EZ, our pregnancy-friendly sleep support can come in handy on these bright summer nights and for summer travel. Also yummy to have as a soothing tea.  

Lympha Rub is one of our biggest "multi-tasker" products. Customers use it for sore throats, joint pain, illness, and much more. It's a tiny little bottle, only a couple of drops are usually needed. Our customers report they never travel without it and like to keep it in their bags for easy use when going to the park or the beach. 

Hope you have a fantastic summer and feel more prepared having a few of these formulas on hand!