Herb of the Day: Oregon Grape

Herb of the Day: Oregon Grape

Posted by TriLight Health on Aug 8th 2019

There’s a pretty little berry that you won’t find in the grocery store. It’s not one you want to sit down and snack on, but it is one to know about. It is called Oregon Grape. It earned its name by being a valued plant for travelers on the Oregon Trail. It is now Oregon’s state flower and sustained many a traveler during those difficult days. Today is most commonly used in the place of the endangered goldenseal herb.

Fast facts about Oregon Grape:

  • It contains berberines which help with a variety of digestive and skin concerns
  • Many herbalists use it for liver support and cleansing
  • Gardeners love to add it to their garden in the Pacific Northwest where it grows quite well and with little maintenance needed
  • While the berries are edible, they taste awful so most people leave them for animals
  • The root is most commonly used in herbal medicine
  • Research is being conducted to use it against MRSA
  • Compounds also lead it to be very detoxifying, especially under the right conditions
  • There is a longstanding history of relief from E-coli and other waterborne bacteria
  • Leaves closely resemble holly and are sometimes used interchangeably
  • It’s one of the most widely used herbal infection fighters out there
  • Harvesting the roots needs to be done with caution as doing so improperly kills the plant
  • As a threatened plant, wild harvesting is not recommended without extreme caution and knowledge
  • Traditional uses for this herb include: UTI, sore throat, vaginal infections, parasites, and countless other infections

Our Formulas Containing Oregon Grape

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Note: Individuals with Raynaud’s disease should use caution before using this herb,