Herbal Cough Support

Herbal Cough Support

Posted by TriLight Health on Oct 9th 2020

For many families, the coming of fall also brings along coughs and illness. We know because we sell more of our cough formulas this time of year too!  While we can't make guarantees or specific prescriptions, our customers love our cough formulas and have given them rave reviews over the years. 

Our cough formulas are- Sinus Minus, Scout Out, Lympha Rub, Lung Tonic, Wild Cherry Coffaway, and Lungs Plus

Sinus Minus is not only loved for coughs.  It was created to address sinus and lung issues.  Our customers love it for allergy support, cold, flu, coughs, sinus infections, and more. Many of our customers have been able to avoid needing antibiotics with this formula and others have found it allowed them to reduce- or even totally remove- prescription allergy medication.  It's a formula with a big variety of uses! 

Scout Out is another formula with a lot of variety.  Lots of our customers call it the "antibiotic tonic."  This was passed down to us by Cherokee healer, Medicine Bear.  It is one of our all-time best sellers and one most of our customers always have on hand.  It's been used during cough, cold, flu, infection, earache, and other illnesses! As the nickname suggests, many customers have been able to stave off taking antibiotics by starting with this formula.  Plus it tastes awesome so when you have a sick kid, there won't be need to fight them to take their medicine! 

Lympha Rub is our most reviewed and most popular product.  It's also our most versatile formula.  This is an essential oil formula that smells amazing! Though it comes in a tiny bottle, it packs a big punch.  It's small enough to keep in your purse, desk drawer, backpack, or even pocket!  Check out some of the ways our customers have used this formula- cough, strep, tonsillitis, strep, sore throat, sinus infection, earache, flu, cold, flu, lymphatic congestion or pain, sore joints and muscles, and dozens more.  Check out the reviews to see more about how our customers have used this formula!

Lung Tonic is our pregnancy-friendly cough formula. It's also beloved by folks with allergies, asthma, hayfever, and other chronic conditions- regardless of pregnancy status. This formula tastes delicious and, like all our formulas, acts fast.  Helping the mom-to-be to get back on her feet faster and not worry about what to take while sick!
Wild Cherry Coffaway is the cough syrup you wish you'd have been able to take when you were a kid.  This tastes incredible and works so fast. It's designed to help break up congestion and help soothe coughs.  Parents (and adults) especially love that they find it helps calm the cough enough to get a restful night's sleep. 

Lungs Plus is full of herbs that have been traditionally used for coughs- especially with deep infection.  This formula is what our customers usually turn to for an illness or infection that's deeper than Wild Cherry Coffaway.  It works even better when used alongside Lympha Rub and Scout Out. When folks are coughing badly, they'll often keep it by their bedside to easily take a dose and get back to resting. 

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