Why Customers Love Peace Treaty & ADHD Ayurvedic Care

Why Customers Love Peace Treaty & ADHD Ayurvedic Care

Posted by TriLight Health on Sep 5th 2019

It's like opening 100 tabs in your browser at once and trying to do something different in each one at the same time. Then someone walks up and wants to have a conversation." 

This quote from Jennifer Arnott describes what life is like for the millions of people who live daily with ADD/ADHD. It is also a quote that those who struggle with forgetfulness, inattention, and distractibility can relate to. For some, these struggles last all day long. Others find themselves caught up in a cycle of restlessness, insomnia, or an inability to relax from a busy mind.  No matter how the symptoms manifest, struggles with focus and restlessness are incredibly frustrating and can interfere with daily life significantly.  

Herbal Support for
ADD/ADHD, Restlessness and Insomnia

We recognized there were not many choices for herbal support products for ADD/ADHD on the market.  That's why we worked hard to create two special formulas to provide the body and mind with support.  As you can imagine, these formulas become  more popular in the fall during back-to-school season.  They're also popular formulas among busy professionals with a lot on their plates.  Both formulas are gluten free, alcohol free, sugar free, soy free, allergen free, vegan, and kosher. 

Peace Treaty is our sleep, insomnia & ADD/ADHD support formula.  It contains herbs that are gentle enough for the littles and the elderly while being effective for everyone in between.  With herbs such as valerian, chamomile, and skullcap- it not only works effectively but tastes delicious too.  It comes to us from a 7th generation Cherokee medicine man with decades of effective use.  This formula works to support a strong and healthy nervous system.  

Customers have used Peace Treaty for

  • Calming the mind to sleep at night
  • Helping relax children
  • As a nightly unwinding ritual
  • Calming children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Aspergers
  • Relaxation in times of transition and stress
  • ADD/ADHD calming support
  • Supporting rest for children with Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Calming hyperactive children and adults
  • Travel related insomnia
  • During times of grief or trauma when rest is harder to come by
  • In periods of insomnia

Tip- lots of our customers like to mix their dose with warm water to sip on for a calming bedtime tea.

ADHD Ayurevdic Care supports calm mental and emotional response. It was created by Jacon Griscom C.A.S, CCA Master Teacher Integral Ayurveda to bring the body to a balanced state of well being.  it contains traditional Ayuervedic herbs such as Ashwaganda.  Jeff says- "I bought this for my son who has trouble with focus and anxiety. Every supplement I give him I also take myself to gauge my own reactions. This seems to be a really good product. I have quickly noticed that it eased my own anxiety and has seemed to help me focus better. I'm hopeful that this will be helpful for my son as he gets ready to start a new year of school."

Special Offer

For the month of September we're offering these two amazing formulas for 25% off.  Not only are these already two of the most cost effective formulas of their kind on the market, we're offering them for even less.  We know they're an essential part of the lives of many of our customers and we wanted you to have the chance to stock-up this fall.  No coupon code needed- you don't even need to be aware of the deal to get it! Simply place an order in September for one of these two products and get your discount.  

They come with our Worry Free Guarantee.  If these formulas don't work for you, we'll send you your money back or help you find something that will work. If you are not fully satisfied, for any reason, no worries! 

Simply choose from our 2oz (TSA approved carry-on size and a favorite to toss in the purse, desk, or diaper bag), 8oz (the favorite for the home medicine chest), or 32oz (a favorite for refills and for formulas the whole family will use).  You'll get 25% off these amazing formulas.  Plus you can combine this sale with our volume discounts to save even more. Hurry, this discount ends at the end of September!