Propolis - All Natural Organic Herbal Liquid Extract

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"I needed a multi-purpose product that would cover a variety of needs and this fits the bill! I've used it with my kids to help boost immunity and so far I've been pleased with the results." - Amy
$16.95 - $59.95
$16.95 - $59.95
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  • Made in the USA
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • BPA Free

Propolis has long been known to have a natural antibacterial effect. Propolis is a rich source of flavonoids, minerals, vitamins C, E, provitamin A, and B-complex. There is also a selection of amino acids, fats, trace minerals and bioflavonoids. In the congested beehive, propolis and royal jelly employ their antibiotic, antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties to inhibit undesirable bacteria and promote helpful bacteria.

Bees collect resins from the buds of various botanicals. These include poplars, pine and birches. The honeybees chew on the resin, adding their saliva to the substance. This combination is called propolis, and is vitally important to bee survival. It is fundamental in building their hives, protects them against disease, and strengthens the hive walls to shield the honeybees from harsh weather. Propolis is dark brown in color and very sticky at room temperature and warmer. When it cools, propolis becomes brittle. Bee propolis contains many flavonoids, which have healing and antibiotic effects.

Flavonoids facilitate growth and health by doing a number of things such as stimulating hair to grow, blood to circulate, bile to be secreted and urine to be passed. Not only are flavonoids great antibacterial agents, they are also used to treat ulcers, arthritis and flu symptoms. Flavonoids can also be successful at treating more chronic diseases and health problems like stress and joint stiffness.

Propolis has over 100 constituents. It is 30% wax, 10% pollens, and 5% fixed substances. These are elements like grease, amino acid, microelements like zinc and copper, and amino acids. Propolis has a high vitamin content, particularly vitamins B, E and C.

More possible benefits include acne, asthma, bleeding gums, the common cold, rashes, diarrhea, eczema, hay fever, hair loss, any type of inflammation, sore throats, toothaches, ulcers and warts. The amazing thing about propolis is that it has so many healing properties. It is an anti-fungus, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibiotic.*

"I started taking this product to help battle a strange rash on my legs (couldn't see it, but it itched like crazy), eczema, hay fever, and to help with immunity against all the flu bugs that seem to keep going around. Happy to say the rash is completely gone, no more itching, the eczema is gone, my allergies are better, and I haven't gotten sick in awhile now - and people all around me have gotten the flu!" - Laurie V

Cost Per Ounce Bottle Comparison

  • 2 oz at $16.95 is: $8.47 per ounce
  • 8 oz at $59.95 is: $7.49 per ounce

Each of our bottles has its own advantage:

  • 2 oz: Child Size - Or for travel and taking on a plane.
  • 8 oz: Adult Size - Comes with our convenient Flip Cap.

Suggested Use: 12-15 drops internally when needed. For inflammation, apply a few drops directly to affected area. For sore throat apply 5-6 drops directly to throat, hold, then swallow. (Approximately 15 drops per 125 lbs. body weight)*.

Caution: The eye area should be avoided when using propolis. If it makes contacts with the eyes, irritation will occur. Prolonged and repeated use of propolis may increase people’s propensity for developing allergies.

Ingredients: Propolis in a base of Kosher Vegetable Glycerine and Reverse Osmosis Water.
Product Does NOT Contain: Alcohol, Sugar, Soy, Salt, Starch, Yeast, Wheat, Gluten, Corn, Milk, Egg or Preservatives.

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