Colic Relief- Our June Special of the Month

Colic Relief- Our June Special of the Month

Posted by TriLight Health on Jun 13th 2024

Baby shower season has arrived. One of the biggest concerns expecting mothers have is if their baby will have colic. Even before baby comes, we know what colic looks like from the media- A crying baby, fussing with no relief. Upset little tummy. Overly sleep deprived parent. Never fear- colic relief is here! This is by far one of the most gifted formulas we carry. Grab some to have on hand for summer baby showers this year! It is gentle enough for babies and effective enough for adults too. 

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What is in Colic Relief?

Colic Relief contains two simple ingredients. Catnip and Fennel. This combination has been used for centuries by people worldwide for colic and digestive support. You might also see this combination called "gripe water," though that is often considered a tea. 

Catnip is actually soothing and extremely gentle for humans, unlike the stimulating effect it has on our kitties. It is a member of the mint family though it lacks the menthol in peppermint. 
Fennel is frequently combined with catnip or peppermint by herbalists in digestion formulas.

Both of these herbs are organic. We combine them in our base of Kosher Vegetable Glycerine and Reverse Osmosis Water

How to use it?

Suggested Use: 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon every 1 to 2 hours as needed. (Approximately 1/4 tsp. per 25 lbs. body weight)

-For infants: 1 to 2 drops the first hour (to check for rash or reaction), 2 to 3 drops the second hour, then build up to full usage (1 drop per 1 lb. body weight). Please dilute formula in water, juice or over food. This formula is very sweet.-

Some Symptoms of Colic: Crying, can't sleep, signs of gas, arches back and flying arms and legs, spits, can't sleep.*

If pain persists, consult your health care professional.

Always check with your baby's health care provider prior to giving them any new herbs or medications. Your child's doctor may suggest the nursing mother take Colic Relief and dose the baby through her breastmilk. 

Adult customers tell us they've used this formula themselves for digestive complaints, hiccups, reflux, and GERD. 

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