FAQ- Organic vs Wild-Crafted Herbs

FAQ- Organic vs Wild-Crafted Herbs

Posted by TriLight Health on Nov 18th 2019

Q- What is the difference between "wild-crafted", organic, and certified organic herbs? 

A: Generally wild-crafted herbs are grown and harvested in their natural habitat, while organic herbs are grown under controlled situations. Certified organic herbs are third party inspected to assure purity. Not all herbs are available as certified organic yet we try first to purchase this type of herb first and our suppliers assure us that the botanicals are free of chemical pesticides and are not irradiated. 

herbs growing in the garden

The organic method of growing food means that no artificial pesticides or chemicals are used in the production process. Many modern farms use all sorts of chemicals in their production processes to help kill bugs etc. Not only are the bugs killed but the food contains many of these highly toxic substances. Simply by eating this contaminated food you are basically putting yourself at risk to some degree.

Trying to follow a diet with as many organic foods and supplements as possible will ensure that you minimize these unwanted pesticides and chemicals and not suffer harmful effects in the long term.