FAQ: Which formulas contain essential oils?

FAQ: Which formulas contain essential oils?

Posted by TriLight Health on Jun 20th 2023

Q-Which formulas contain essential oils?

A- A couple weeks ago we talked about what essential oils are and how they are made. Today we wanted to answer this frequently asked question about products containing essential oils. We know there is confusing and conflicting information regarding essential oil use out there. Our formulas have been meticulously crafted to follow the safest possible guidelines. They have 20+ years of use so they've got a proven track record. 

We do not use essential oils in many formulas. For the most part we use pure herbs. The formulas that do use them have small amounts and a small dosage when using internally. Essential oils are included in four of our products:

Soothing Salve - Healing Essential Oils for Cold Sores, Cuts, Rashes and More
Lympha Rub - Essential Oils Remedy for Sore Throat, Sinus, Ear Aches and Much More!
ASMA - Asthma Alternative Medicine Natural Herbs Child Safe - Instant Relief
Hear No Evil - Earache Relief Ear Drops Children Safe Medicinal Herbs

Soothing Salve and Hear No Evil are designed as topical only products. Lympha Rub is mostly used topically and when it is used internally only a few drops are used. ASMA has a small amount of oils and is used at a low dosage. 

Essential oils can be a wonderful companion to herbs. We recommend working with a highly trained aromatherapy practioner (not from an MLM), herbalist, or similar practioner when using oils. This ensures safety and effective use. As always, check with your healthcare provider before beginning any new product. Some essential oils should not be used with certain medications or in the case of some health concerns. 

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