FAQ- Who was Shonda Parker?

FAQ- Who was Shonda Parker?

Posted by TriLight Health on May 21st 2024

Q- Who was Shonda Parker?

A- Most of our pregnancy formulas mention Shonda Parker. Shonda was an herbalist, midwife, and gifted educator. She had a heart especially for women's and children's health and was passionate about helping them have the best life possible. She worked closely with us in developing our pregnancy formulas and we have many midwives, doulas, birthing centers, and even OB/GYNs who use our formulas because of Shonda. 

Her work began in 1989 and continued until she passed away in 2020. During that time she founded Naturally Healthy, a website that is still active with a few products, a midwife referral list, and extensive educational resources. She helped thousands of families become parents and helped many women with their health. 

Shonda was a thoughtful, intelligent, caring, and wise woman. We miss her presence here at TriLight and her loss has been deeply felt throughout the herbalism community. 

We carry two of Shonda's books, Naturally Healthy Woman and Naturally Healthy Pregnancy. These are valuable resources for women and families. We're thankful to carry on her legacy of providing herbalism support to women with her books and herbal formulas

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