Pregnancy and Herbs

Pregnancy and Herbs

Jan 3rd 2019

Here's a common question that we get ...

Q: Should herbs be used during pregnancy?

A: Many herbs can be very beneficial during pregnancy when used properly, but not all. That is why we have a specific line of pregnancy safe formulas. These have been specifically formulated by certified herbalist and midwife, Shonda Parker. Unless considered safe to use, most single herbs should not be used during pregnancy except under the directions of an experienced herbalist.

The first thing we wanted to do here is highlight our Pregnancy Formulas line. These are specially formulated to be safe during pregnancy and provide moms with exactly the support they need during pregnancy and nursing.

This includes formulas such as: B-Fruitful - Pregnancy and Fertility Support Carry On -Miscarriage Support CirculaTone - Circulation Support UriCare - UTI and Cystitis and Labor Prep - Uterus Preperation for Childbirth and many more!

Beyond our Pregnancy Formulas, we also have educational aids, like Shonda Parker’s book Naturally Healthy Pregnancy. We highly recommend this book to anyone seeking "a naturally healthy pregnancy." It contains a broad range of information and research, coupled with years of experience has emerged to create this health and nutrition book that encompasses far more than the health needs of present and future pregnant women. The author's warm, personal style, combined with an educational powerhouse of information makes The Naturally Healthy Pregnancy essential to a healthful, joy-filled pregnancy. Shonda Parker, Professional Family Herbalist and Certified Childbirth Educator, combines her previous medical assistant experience with years of practice in the Parker Home Health Unit, evaluating, diagnosing, and administering care to her five children, while seeking outside care as necessary.

We know that mothers know mothering best, so we’re looking for your feedback! We would love to hear your stories, ideas and suggestions about pregnancy.