Herb of the Day: Wild Cherry Bark

Herb of the Day: Wild Cherry Bark

Posted by TriLight Health on Oct 15th 2020

This time of year often brings along coughs and respiratory issues. Herbalists love wild cherry bark as a favorite remedy for these illnesses.  It is harvested, dried and then used in teas, tinctures, extracts, and other herbal preparations.  It has a pleasant flavor which means no fighting with kids to take a nasty cough medicine!  The bark is also frequently converted into a resin and burned as an incense. This beautiful tree yields edible fruit which is used medicinally and for culinary purposes as well. 

Traditional Herbal Uses of Wild Cherry Bark:

  • Eyewash
  • Asthma
  • Cough
  • Whooping Cough 
  • Colds
  • Fever
  • Inflammation
  • More

TriLight Health and Wild Cherry Bark 

We use Wild Cherry Bark in Lungs PlusLung Tonic, and Wild Cherry Coffaway

Lungs Plus is loved by our customers with coughs.  It's especially popular to use at bedtime but can be used during the day as well. We combined Wild Cherry Bark with herbs like Mullein, Chickweed, Horehound, and many others.  These are all herbs that have been traditionally used by herbalists for centuries during periods of coughs. A lot of our customers keep this by their bedside when dealing with a cough so they can easily take a dose and get back to sleep quickly! 

Lung Tonic is our pregnancy-friendly cough formula.  It is also useful for those with chronic coughs and during periods of allergies and hayfever. You'll find similar ingredients to Lungs Plus with a few differences to make it pregnancy-friendly.  We've also heard from many asthma sufferers that this is helpful for mild asthma attacks as well.  

Wild Cherry Coffaway is our fast-acting, great tasting Wild Cherry based cough formula.  We've been selling this formula for over 25 years and it's always been one of our most popular formulas. It also contains Elderberries which are also an especially useful herb during times of sickness and cough.  Customers report their time of illness cut drastically compared to normal when using this formula.

Don't forget, these formulas and all our other cough formulas are 10% off all October 2020 long! Stock up so you'll be prepared. 

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