Parasite Cleansing Made Easy

Parasite Cleansing Made Easy

Posted by TriLight Health on Nov 9th 2023

Nobody wants to talk about parasites. It makes us squeamish to think about. However, they are an overlooked reality- especially among Americans. Parasites can cause a host of health issues and symptoms- especially among children and the elderly. Gentle parasite cleanse options seem almost impossible to find. Many of the options on the market out there damage your gut and can take months to recover from.

We have worked hard to cultivate a gentle, yet effective parasite cleanse program. This cleanse has the traditional herbs you'd expect to find while remaining gentle enough for young and old to use. Plus it tastes good- we've never heard of any other parasite cleanse that tasted good. Mothers even report their children ask to keep taking it after the cleanse is over because they like it so much!  

In this kit you will find-

Worm Out- Our best-selling herbal parasite cleanse formula. Super easy to dose and extremely effective at cleansing the body.

Garlic capsules- These are taken on and off throughout the cleanse to weaken the parasites. 

Probiotic capsules- Take these at the end of the cleanse to build up as much good bacteria as possible. These help strengthen every system in your body. 

This kit makes parasite cleansing super easy. Parents tell us often how thankful they are to have something easy and yummy for their children. No gulping down nasty smoothie concoctions, no massive pills to swallow, and no herbs you can smell from across the room. 

Start with 10 days of garlic. Then move onto Worm Out three times per day- 10 days on/ 10 days off/ 10 days on. Finish with the probiotic capsules. Easy! 

Why 10 days on/10 days off/ 10 days on? Parasites typically are most active around the new moon and the full moon. By taking it on and off, you'll make sure to hit them during at least one of their most active cycles. Some customers choose to schedule their cleanse around the moon cycle based on when symptoms are more pronounced.

You can get this kit for 10% off all month long! 

Find it here

Many families like to do their parasite cleanse before or after the holiday season. We wanted to make sure you could grab yours and be prepared no matter what time of year you like to do it. 

Note- Pay attention to the recommended dosage for your cleanse. We offer multiple kit sizes to ensure you'll have enough Worm Out for the duration of the cleanse. 

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