Try this natural first-aid product for FREE

Try this natural first-aid product for FREE

Posted by TriLight Health on May 22nd 2019

First aid supplies are one of the top-selling products in the country. Millions of dollars are spent each year on them. We all know we need bandages and topical treatment, yet commercials flood our TVs for these products. For the most part, there are a handful of “big players” in this industry. Most likely you’ve got a brand in your first aid kit everyone in the nation would know. Have you ever stopped to think about what’s in the first aid products we’re constantly being advertised?

Toxins, Chemicals & Untested Ingredients

If we take a minute to examine “conventional” first aid supplies, the results are shocking. There is a growing awareness of chemicals & toxins in food. This hasn’t quite trickled down into skincare and first aid products. Skin is our largest organ. What we put on our skin ends up in our bodies, just like food. Doesn’t it make sense if we’re conscious about what we put IN our body, we’d be conscious about how we HEAL our body?

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for a lot of first aid products. They’re full of toxins and untested chemical ingredients. Even if the ingredients work, who knows the effect they’ll have in a few decades on our bodies? Who knows what is happening in our bodies as we heal the wounds outside? First aid products often contain things such as endocrine disruptors, biocides, and more.

A Natural Alternative Was Clearly Needed

30 years ago we began creating our products. It was clear a natural first aid alternative was a must. Virtually nothing existed at the time and conscious parents were eager for something. Not only something containing botanicals, something that actually worked. Dozens of products have come and gone from brands over the last three decades. Most have been only slightly effective. We’ve all seen a new brand rise and quickly fall. Other botanical products haven’t quite worked.

Soothing Salve has withstood the test of time as the most effective natural first aid option on the market. Time and time again we hear from amazed customers. Stories of things like:

  • Injuries healing in half the time.
  • Rashes are gone almost before their eyes.
  • Canker sores treated overnight.
  • Diaper rash vanished by the next diaper change.
  • Pesky pimples disappearing.

Not only does Soothing Salve work incredibly well, it works incredibly fast. There’s a reason this product has withstood the competition that’s tried to come over the years.

Plus. it contains ingredients you can not only pronounce, but find in nature. Heck, you can find a lot of the ingredients on the shelves of your local health food store. These ingredients don’t come with harmful side effects, have been traditionally used for centuries, and aren’t going to disrupt your body. No surprises here in 20+ years when someone figures out ingredients weren’t appropriate for human use. No panic when an ingredient is identified as a carcinogen. Only natural botanicals and pure essential oils.

Soothing Salve contains ingredients like:

  • Comfrey- Nature’s 1st aid remedy
  • Goldenseal- Prized as “worth its weight in gold” and one of the most valuable herbal remedies
  • Myrrh- A prominent healing and anti-bacterial herb
  • Echinacea- An herb that even Western medicine has recently embraced
We combine our proven blend of herbs and essential oils to create a product that works great, smells amazing, and is a customer favorite.

Soothing Salve Can Be Yours FREE

We’re confident Soothing Salve works. We’re proud of this product. We’re certain it’s something that will benefit your home and family. That’s why we’re making it available to you for FREE all month long. Bottles have been flying off the shelves in the last couple of weeks. Families are snatching it up before summer burns, bites, cuts, and owies.

You can get a FREE bottle for yourself. No coupon code required. All you need to do is add $50 or more of any TriLight product to your cart, we’ll throw in a bottle of Soothing Salve.

We’ve even marked down Soothing Salve to $8.95 from the regular price of $12.95. Our customers usually find one bottle isn’t enough. They like to have them in multiple places around the house. Order a few bottles and still get an additional bottle FREE. Grab one for the soccer bag, camping supplies, and diaper bag. It’s as easy as adding $50 or more of TriLight products to your cart and that bonus bottle will come your way.

Our customers also love to have Lympha Rub, NR Glow, B-Dry, Peace Treaty, and Propolis on hand for the summer. Don’t forget we have handy 2oz bottles that are TSA approved. You can bring along all your TriLight favorites this summer without hauling around big bottles.

Risk-Free, Worry Free, Free Offer

Best of all, this offer is 100% Risk-Free. If any of our products don’t work for you, you’re backed by our Worry-Free Guarantee. Return them within 30-days for a full refund or select a different product. If you are not completely satisfied, neither are we! Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to try a product you’ve never tried before. You may find a brand new family favorite. If not, don’t worry!


Can I combine this with the FREE Shipping on orders over $35?

Can I combine this offer with the Volume Discount?

Will I still earn rewards on my purchase?
Yes. You’ll earn rewards as usual on everything you purchase (not on the FREE bottle of Soothing Salve.)

Can I redeem rewards points towards my $50?

Do I need to use a coupon code?
No, the FREE Soothing Salve will be automatically added to your cart when you have at least $50 worth of products in it.

Is Soothing Salve TSA approved?
Yes. It’s the proper size for a TSA approved carry-on.

Can Soothing Salve be used on children?
Yes. Soothing Salve contains properly and carefully diluted essential oils which can be used on children.

Hurry, this offer ends at the end of May. Don’t wait, place your order today so you don’t run out of time!

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