Understanding Herbal Preparations: Broth

Understanding Herbal Preparations: Broth

Posted by TriLight Health on Nov 11th 2022

Colder days invite us to warm up with a mug of broth. A nice bowl of herbal broth is a great way to nurture yourself. It’s also a lovely way to get the healing properties of herbs in a meal. These preparations can be culinary as well as medicinal. 

What is herbal broth and how is it used?

Herbal broth is similar to soup with herbs. They are consumed like soup for a meal or as a medicinal preparation. Herbs can be infused into bone broth or water/ veggie broth for a vegan/ vegetarian option. It differs from a soup in the length of time herbs are left to steep in the broth. Soups add herbs for a short amount of time. Herbal broths soak for hours up to overnight.

How is it made?

The process begins the same way any bone or vegetable broth begins. Herbs are added the final 1-3 hours of simmering. If desired, you can leave them in longer. The amount and type of herbs vary depending on the final desired product. This is one you can tinker with quite a lot- no two batches will be the same! The broth can then be used as the base for soup or stew. It can also be sipped on by itself. You can also make an overnight herbal infusion or decoction and mix it with broth. 

What herbs are commonly used?

Any herb that can be exposed to heat and consumed can be used. Culinary herbs are obvious choices but get creative. Consider herbs like astragalus, burdock, and nettle- unique options beloved by herbalists. No matter what herbs are used, this is the perfect broth for a cold day.