Herb of the Month: Cinnamon

Herb of the Month: Cinnamon

Posted by TriLight Health on Aug 15th 2023

The product on store shelves we know as cinnamon is often a fake! Herbalists use cinnamomum burmannii or cinnamomum verum. There are a few knock offs sold as cinnamon. You'll know you have the real thing by the lovely sweet/spicy flavor. Home chefs find when using "real" cinnamon they often can cut the amount in a recipe by half or more! This spice is more commonly used around the holiday season thanks to its warming properties. Herbalists most often use cinnamon topically, in tinctures, or as tea. 

Traditional Herbal Uses of Cinnamon

Cinnamomum burmannii or Cinnamomum verum

    • Blood sugar
    • Cold
    • Cough
    • Flu
    • Gastrointestinal problems 
    • Infection
    • Pain
    • Urinary Support
    • More

Perhaps the best-known home remedy involving cinnamon is a bit mixed with local, raw honey for coughs.

How we use it-

We use Cinnamon in B-DRYWild Cherry Coffaway, and Worm Out

Wild Cherry Coffaway is our most popular cough formula. No more gulping down disgusting cough syrup or fighting kids to take their medicine. It tastes like a treat and goes to work quick. This is one to always have on hand. 

Worm Out is our parasite cleanse formula. Many families like to use this once or twice a year.  It's found an especially popular niche among those who travel and work/live on farms. We combine cinnamon with herbs like black walnut, wormwood, and other traditional parasite herbs. It's easy to dose, gentle on the belly, and tastes yummy! 

B-DRY is our delicious and extremely popular bedwetting and urinary incontinence formula. It's a Traditional Chinese Medicine formula that not only works well but also tastes delicious. Many parents tell us only a couple of doses were needed to stop bedwetting in children. It's 10% off all month long! 

We hope you'll take a different look at cinnamon next time you pull it out of the pantry. Enjoy!

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