15% off Herbal Sleep Formulas and Herbal Stress Formulas

15% off Herbal Sleep Formulas and Herbal Stress Formulas

Posted by TriLight Health on May 2nd 2020

We are living in truly unprecedented times.  The current situation is one we're all navigating together.  There's no doubt that everyone is under a lot of stress.  Our modern world is a stressful world to begin with, adding the current global pandemic into the situation has resulted in even more stress.  Folks have come up with some creative ways to help combat that stress. Humor, creative arts, music, kindness to neighbors, and so many Zoom meeting are helping us all. 

15% off herbal sleep and herbal stress support formulas

We wanted to provide what little help we could as well.  For the month of May 2020, we're offering 15% off our Sleep and Stress Formulas. If you're feeling as though you could use a little support in these areas, check with your healthcare provider and grab yours today.  These are easy to take, fast acting, and delicious! We even have pregnancy-friendly and kid-friendly formulas.  

Herbal Sleep Support and Herbal Stress Support Formulas

These formulas are:

B-Dry- Herbal bed-wetting and urinary incontinence formula. A Traditional Chinese tonic that has been used with great results for over 20 years by TriLight customers. B-Dry has also been used by customers dealing with anxiety induced UI and overactive bladders.  

Robin says: "We decided to give this product a try after the doctor said surgery would probably be necessary for our 8 year old son who had problems with wetting the bed for several years. After one week, we noticed a difference and eventually quit giving it to him before the bottle was empty. I would say he stays dry 95% of the nights!"

B-Dry herbal bedwetting formula

Peace Treaty- Is best known as our ADD/ADHD calming formula.  It was created by Cherokee medicine man, Little Bear, and is a TriLight best seller.  This formula has also been used by customers struggling with insomnia, sleep issues, anxiety, and other related struggles.  The herbs used are herbs traditionally known to calm and support the nervous system. 

Julia says: "I tried this on myself first while experiencing an anxiety issue at work. About 15 min later I realized I was relaxed and my chest no longer felt tight and achy. So, the reason for this purchase was for my 9 yr old who has a hard time settling herself for sleep. Tried this last night and within 20 min. versus 1-1 1/2 hrs she was asleep. Woohoo!"

Peace Treaty herbal anxiety support

Snooze-EZ- Herbal sleep support.  Contains herbs for sleep that have been traditionally used by herbalists for centuries.  This formula is also a pregnancy-friendly sleep formula.  

Ben says: "This product is SO dreamy! LOL Excuse the pun but wow it works so well!"

Snooze EZ- Contains herbs for sleep

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