Understanding Herbal Use: Cherokee Medicine

Understanding Herbal Use: Cherokee Medicine

Posted by TriLight Health on Oct 3rd 2023

The month we explored Eastern Herbalism. This month we will look at Cherokee Herbal Medicine. TriLight Health worked extensively with a Cherokee healer to create several of our formulas. We're excited to share more with you today. 

What is Cherokee Medicine?

Cherokee Medicine dates back thousands of years. It is a sacred form of healing that has been handed down to select individuals amongst the Cherokee people. Unlike many of the other forms of herb use we will discuss, you'll find very little written down from this approach. It is largely passed along verbally and taught from generation to generation. Non-Cherokee folks are not often able to use this approach- which is part of what makes our formulas so unique. 

How do they use herbs?

Herbs are a main consideration in this healing approach. The Cherokee people, as well as all Indigenous folks, were well aware of how to treat ailments based on the plants available to them. Herbs are used in teas, tinctures, topically, capsules, and even sometimes smoked. They will also be burned both for ceremonial purposes and medicinal use. 

How does an Cherokee Medicine practioner work?

The totality of a person's symptoms are taken into consideration. This includes not only physical symptoms. Dreams, spirituality, and the mental/emotional state of a person is considered. There is no "standard" intake or treatment. Each individual person is considered and the best approach for them taken. A wide variety of healing methods may be used along with herbs and mind/body practices. 

What TriLight formulas are Cherokee Medicine based?

Tummy Plus - Stomach Problems
Scout Out - Natural Antibiotic - Cold, Flu, Earaches
Peace Treaty - ADD / ADHD Alternative Herbal Calming Medicine
Wild Cherry Coffaway - Cough Syrup
White Willow & Feverfew - Headache and Migraine Herbal Remedy
Female Formula - Herbal Remedy for Painful Cramps & Menstrual Cycle Problems
Worm Out - Parasite Cleanse - Anti-parasitic, Anti-fungal

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